Glass Hexagon Jar of Pure Natural RAW Honey 2 oz  Gift

NOTE: If you would like your honey slightly heated to a liquid state, please request LIQUID HONEY, as Raw honey is semi-solid.


1 Bottle of Honey

Lovely glass, hex shape with a metal cap.
Assorted seasonal honey--
   Great for gift, party or wedding favor, stocking stuffer.

Honey through the Seasons


At the Seaway Trail Honey Apiary

NOTE: Pollen analysis done by the Palynology Lab at
Texas A&M University, additional info on request.


  • SPRING wildflowers, including Apple Blossom, wild rose, staghorn sumac, clover and wild berries- Very pale yellow, sweet, mild floral


  • EARLY SUMMER, wildflowers, including wild clovers, basswood, Virginia creeper, chestnut- Pale yellow, very sweet , mildy aromatic


  • SUMMER wildflowers- basswood blossom, wild clovers- Sweet, mild spicy, light yellow


  • LATE SUMMER wildflowers- wild clovers, goldenrod, basswood, - Smooth, flavorful, golden amber


  • FALL. Wildflowers, predominately Goldenrod (solidago), New York Aster (symphyotrichum novi-belgii), and clover- Robust flavor, dark amber, likes to candy or crystallize


 The Seaway Trail Honey apiary is a small scale artisan apiary located in upstate New York, ½ mile from the shore of Lake Ontario. Nectar is gathered from the wetlands, open meadows, grasslands & forested areas. In the Spring the region’s fruit trees are in bloom.



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  • Early Summer Honey: 3.00
  • Fall Honey: 3.00
  • Late Summer Honey: 3.00
  • Spring Honey: 3.00
  • Summer Honey: 3.00
  • Item #: HEX2oz

Glass Hexagon Jar of Pure Natural RAW Honey 2 oz Gift

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